The Fuerta Dance Company, aptly named "feminine strength" after its two female founders and co-directors, Meg Morrissey and Alyson Quigley, is a modern dance company currently located and performing in Atlanta, GA. The idea for "Fuerta" developed soon after the start of a lifelong friendship between these two artists. The Northwestern graduates share an interest in unique movement qualities inspired by the many facets of strength (Fuerta's namesake). Their work relates back to the inner human experience as artists, as women, and as people in our culture today.

 Upon moving their artistic endeavors down to Atlanta in 2012, the duo began creating work together, both in dance and film. Meg presented a piece entitled "Fuerta" at Atlanta's Dance Canvas showcase for emerging artists in 2013. The Fuerta Dance Company began in 2014, with a group of 10 passionate dancers, premiering its first full length show, "(luna)tics" in June of 2015. Their next show, an evening of interwoven dance for film works entitled, "en la mente," will premiere in summer, 2016.