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Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce that we met our Kickstarter goal in spring of 2015 for $10,000 and our goal in summer of 2016 for $6,000! This funding has allowed us to perform our first two seasons of shows, "(luna)tics" and "en la mente." We are so thankful to our wonderful donors who helped support these projects. We are currently beginning work on our third season and welcome you to be a part of this new project by making a tax deductible contribution today!

How do I donate?

Our Kickstarter is complete, but it is not too late to donate! Fuerta Dance Company is a non-profit organization in Atlanta, GA. You can make tax deductible donations that will go towards our future productions at anytime! If you are interested in donating, please click the "DONATE" button above to make your donation. You can also contact our director, Meg Morrissey at or by phone at 678-231-9758. Thank you for your generous contribution to Fuerta!

What are we funding?

Your donation will go towards many aspects of our shows. Our funding will help us to afford the theater where we present our work, along with lighting designers, video technicians, and backstage crew members. It will help us to gain necessary equipment for our film projects, as well as props, set pieces, costumes, and technical special effects for our show. It will allow us to compensate our talented company of dancers for their many hours of rehearsal time. Any contribution, big or small, will play a massive role in making our show possible. It is donors like you who keep dance alive and performances happening in your community. Thank you in advance for taking the time to learn about our company and investing in our latest project. We are incredibly grateful for your support and generosity in helping us achieve our goals, bring our dreams to life, and be able to share our artistic creations with you.

What is our mission?

Our company name, “Fuerta,” comes from the feminine word for strength in Spanish. We are inspired by the strength of women, reflected in our movement qualities and subject matter. Our group consists of 9 strong, talented women who inspire us greatly in our work. In addition to being a live performance dance company, Fuerta is a platform for film, both in the genres of dance film and documentary style work. Film allows us to alter the window of the observer and experience dance in an entirely new way. Join us as we challenge audiences in this new age of art and technology. The most important part of a performance for our company is to be able to share with the audience the imaginations of our choreographers, forming connections through shared feelings that make our work a special and moving experience for all involved.