Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.
— Sarah Williams

"(Luna)tics" is a collection of work premiered by the Fuerta Dance Company in June of 2015, exploring the eternal otherworldly connection people have with the moon and the lunar lunacy of female creatures. The show featured 4 original dance works and 2 films, showing at Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta. See our Gallery Page for excerpts from the show.

"the moon sees me" - choreographed by Meg Morrissey

 Meg was inspired by the pressures faced by women as they transition into adulthood. They are forced to play different, and often very contradictory roles to fulfill the expectations of others. Our roles as friend, mother, girlfriend, daughter, demand a kind of constant performance in the world of women. To be the virgin and the temptress. To be quiet but heard. To be beautiful, perfect, yet approachable. We lose sight of ourselves. In the daylight we live as what the world wants us to be, a million different characters all at once. But at night, alone, and drenched in moonlight, can we reveal our true selves. 

"ru·mi·nate" - choreographed by Aly Quigley

Sometimes, late at night, the creative sits by candlelight and thinks about their life. It is only at night when a doorway opens within your thoughts, that leads you to a place of clarity. You feel at peace in this place, but you're surrounded by chaos. Ruminating can be dangerous.

"We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain." - Alan Watts

"you're it" - choreographed by Meg Morrissey and Aly Quigley

You're it explores our greater connection with the universe. For those who feel lost and disconnected, worried, or insignificant compared with the vastness of the world, remember that you are a part of that world, you are made of everything, and therefore, you're it. 


"I Ha(s)ve Eyes" - Dance Film

We have been trained to "grow up" our entire lives. At a young age, we are taught that the adult is always right, and therefore the child cannot be right. The adult knows best, and the child is still learning. As we get older, we learn, we get wiser, we get "better," we gain more and more knowledge about the world; but in turn, is there something we lose? In this film, Aly interviews 4-year-olds and 24-year olds about their self image to discover what changes in our self perception as we grow older. 

"I'll Be Seeing You" - Dance Film

Most relationships start with love. In most movies, that is the ending, the love. Our film explores the “after.” 

Much like an Impressionist painting by the artist, Georges Seurat, who used a technique called “pointillism” to form a distinct image. From a distance, everything in the painting seems normal and very clean cut, with harsh geometric shapes and lines; but upon closer inspection, one notices that the work is actually comprised of thousands of tiny dots or “points,” whose complimentary colors blend from a distance to make the painting what it appears to be. In truth, most relationships are more than they appear at a glance from the outside eye, and beneath the surface of order can be chaos.  

What lies beyond the breaking point, when the love and hate both bubble to the surface, and the relationship becomes impossible to leave, but impossible to live with?