Meg Morrissey's latest work, "Fuerta," will premiere in Atlanta's Dance Canvas emerging artist showcase in January of 2014.  "Fuerta" is the embodiment of feminine strength. It presents the many facets of a woman as she develops her relationships with men, other women, and herself. It explores the changes and challenges faced by young women transitioning into adulthood -- the pressure to be provocative yet pure, to be beautiful yet natural, and to be approachable yet unattainable; a woman should be coveted by men and envied by women, and somehow learn to know herself and form positive relationships with those around her. This is Meg's first work being presented in Atlanta, since graduating from Northwestern University's Dance Program and moving in 2012. Check out trailers for "Fuerta," filmed by Alyson Quigley, on the FILM page. 

"To be born a woman is to know, although they do not teach of it in school, that we must labor to be beautiful" - William Butler Yeats