"(Luna)tics" is a collection of work being presented by the Fuerta Dance Company in June of 2015. It explores the eternal otherworldly connection people have with the moon. The glimmering, smoldering moon; it symbolizes romance, mystery, and the dichotomy of night; night which can be both fearful yet serene. Night brings sleep. It comforts like a blanket, while fading out the light, leaving us lost in unknown.

 Many fear darkness, but as artists we often welcome it. The night is when we come alive, in creative abundance, and become as wild as the universe is vast.

As women, we feel a cosmic power over our energy and our actions. The female experience is one of beauty,  propriety, and pain. You see us in the daylight as a certain ethereal creature; we control our image and our behavior with unfaltering grace. But there is another side to every women, hidden in the shadows of night, eclipsing that radiant moon, and which few but ourselves will ever know. Where can we dance freely and naked beneath the stars, without judgment or shame in our bodies or emotional stability?  

(Luna)tics presents 3 women's perspectives on this lunar lunacy of female creatures. It will feature choreographic work by Meg Morrissey, Alyson Quigley, and Ashley Swan. It premieres in Atlanta, Georgia, June 2015.